Thursday, 20 August 2015

1 Minute review! L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Punky Mascara Blue

Let's get straight to it. I (like everyone else) love Loreal mascara. However... The "Miss Manga" formula is probably my least favourite. It's weird considering I like spider lashes but there you have it!! I am a walking contradiction. When I saw the brilliant blue of this new shade though I had to give it a go ; 

It's most definitely the bluest mascara I have ever used!  It looked a bit shocking on my lashes but made a nice change for holibobs 

The formula appears to be the same as the normal "Miss Manga" mascara but the colour pay off is amazing. This particular one isn't waterproof but didn't flake or smudge on me either 

After trying the full on look, I then put it just on my lower lash line. I think I prefer this look as it's more subtle but still brings attention to the eyes

Would I purchase this again? 

Only if I couldn't find another formula with the same colour payoff.. If you want BLUE lashes then this one is for you! I also should point out that I do have my lashes tinted however at this point they were pretty blonde, which may have intensified the colour "pop"

I personally will stick to boring black with my "L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture mascara" for the time being. 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Kiss cosmetics company and review!

So who are Kiss cosmetics?

 Kiss cosmetics are a makeup brand who launched this summer.. however bloggers got to hear all about the brand before the launch. This is because the company invited all bloggers (no matter how big or small) to participate in the development of the products. We were invited to a private Facebook group where we were asked a variety of questions regarding formula, package preferences, what we value most in our makeup products and even which names we preferred! I thought the whole idea was fab and Kiss cosmetics have basically ended up giving the majority of customers exactly what they want. 

You can read more about their launch here;

Once launched, Kiss have continued their  involvement with the blogging community by offering all bloggers that signed up a chance of receiving a free sample (I believe these samples will soon be able to purchase at a cost of £2 each which is genius.. How often have we bought a drug store lippie only to discover that it really does not suit us as much as we might want it too?!) 

Mine came swiftly in the post by recorded delivery 

I received the kiss stick ( lipstick) and the first thing that  I noticed when I opened the package was the card depicting all the different shades available ;

Me being a glass half empty kind of girl thought "Great.. I'm going to end up with a orange that I would never wear (doesn't suit me) and will hate to review!" Imagine how excited I was when I opened this beautiful shade 

It's called "Naked Pink" and it's just beautiful!! The perfect wearable dusty mauve pink shade. In. love. We also reviewed some voucher codes for money off products and delivery charges

First off, this lipstick is one of the most pigmented I have ever tried. The swatch above was one stroke. If you are a makeup bully then be careful, as the formula is quite soft and smooth, but this also makes the application easy and you can barely feel it on the lips

Pout baby pout! 

This is the colour upon application at the tube station (around 8:30)

How did it wear? Beautifully. I'm always concerned with how lippies wear as they tend to settle in the outside line of my lip and I end up looking like I'm wearing some incredibly dodgy 80s lip liner. This was the product by about 10am

( my natural lips have no pigment and I look like a zombie by the way.. So there's definitely colour on there!)

And by lunch time! 

Still there (barely) and no dodgy liner lips. Score. Not bad for only £7. Yup. That's how much the full size is! Honestly I love it and will be purchasing the full size once this runs out. Oh and maybe the shade "Birthday suit". Oh and maybe the lip expholiater.. You get the idea. 

The lipsticks (and other products) are available to purchase online NOW at 

* Although this product was sent to me by the company to review all opinions are my own, if I hated it then you would know about it! * 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

(Another!) Cherry diva mini haul!

*sigh* Sorry if you guys are getting fed up with these posts but.. I can't stop shopping here. So hauls will continue. This is what I purchased on my latest online spree! 

This was what I originally went on for and the photo does not do it justice! I've been wanting a neckline like this for ages and this little beaut was only £5. Unfortunately I've managed to break the plain chain section already (no idea how but it did travel to Lanzarote) but it's still wearable! I love it! Super 90s and grunge and pretty

Next was this little baby that I've been eyeing up for a while now 

It was only £1 and no idea why I haven't bought it before but I finally caved. It reminds me of Snow White and I love it 

Next was this bad boy which I'm wearing today! It's embossed with roses and is super cute (for a skull!) 

It's on a lot gold chain and it's quite big too! Only £3.50

I've been eyeing this next choker for a while but now that it's in the sale for £1 it would have been rude not to

Lastly was this layered necklace. I haven't worn it yet (I'm a little afraid of "chain" style necklaces) but I'm sure I'll be brave enough soon. I just loved the vintage looking key mostly. This one set me back £5

So all in all I only spent £16.50 with shipping costs (only 99p in the UK) cheap as chips! 

I think I was quite restrained but I do already have my eye on this so who knows how long for?! 

I also recommend signing up for their newsletter if you are considering making a purchase as they always have different offers and flash sales and the like 

Shop Cherry Diva here ;