Friday, 30 January 2015

*BRAND NEW* Benefit Rollerlash mascara! First impression!

So this mascara is so new, it's not even avaliable to buy yet! How did I get my paws on one?! Elle UK magazine are giving away samples of this product in their March issue, on sale now. I may have bought two. Sorry not sorry. 

Here is the sample, not as big as the mini "Bad girl lash" sample, but big enough all the same. CUTE packaging! 

First I applied my Jane IRedale lash conditioner like I do all the time, then this baby

Apologies for the blurry picture, I have a black bedroom and trying to take a photo of a black mascara wand was enough to make my iPhone have a bitch fit

At first when I was applying it, I wasn't impressed. The brush is the type I like, hard and spikey (OI OI!) but it was frustrating me. I literally sit and apply layers of mascara for about 20 minutes straight while watching Netflix in the mornings so I decided to move on to my other eye. 

Voila! This product (I found) layers much better once the first ( or second or third in my case) layer is completely dry. It definitely curls, it does lengthen but more than that, it grasps all my lashes, including the teeny tiny sorry excuses for hairs that normally just fall into my eye and drive me mad all day. 

Do you love my half bus selfie? Also please ignore my red upper lip, it's not a mustache promise! It's cold and my skin likes to do fun things like turn red and blotchy when it's freezing outside. 

Anyway enough of my bad selfie justifications, basically I'm converted. Once I knew how to use this stuff right, I loved it. I'm still to see how it wears in the day, but honestly the formula seems fab so I can't see it going anywhere south. 

It's fab, give it a try! 

Ps pick up your magazine fast if you want to try this product, or order it online, as being a world exclusive I can't see it lasting long

That's all for now xxxxx

Monday, 26 January 2015

Cherry diva mini haul!!

Hi guys! 

Not exactly beauty related but I wanted to do this post none the less. I have ordered from Cherry diva before as, quite frankly, their stuff is nice but cheap! I made this order because they tweeted that they had a new product, which is a cuff bangle that you can have personalised with anything you want ( up to 30 characters) 

Being the goth I am, I had to get a quote from one of my favourite films "The Craft" Cherry diva tweeted me the next day with this photo


Yes, I got the famous "We are the weirdos mister" quote. Couldn't. Help. Myself. 

Here's some of my own photos 

I LOVE it! It's super cheap at £12 a time and it's perfect for wearing alone or stacking. It is bendable so it will fit anyone but be careful when bending, I almost snapped mine in half the first time I opened it. That's the one thing I would change; make it a bit sturdier for us heavy handed ladies! 

While I was on there, I couldn't resist these items too 

£1. Seriously. ONE POUND. 

These were £4 and reminded me too much of Betsey Johnson to pass up. 


At this point I was at £19 and it's £20 for free delivery so I decided to treat my sister to this! (Emily, if you actually read my blogs.. This is for you !) 


So anyway, this completed my order.. Until now when I accidentally ordered this while checking prices for this post.. 

I have a problem. Clearly. 

Anyway that's it for this mini haul! Just wanted to share as it's such good value for peices that can update an outfit! Anyone else ordered from this site before? Oh and btw this isn't sponsored, companies don't know who I am! Haha. 

Bye for now xxxx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

1 minute review - *BRAND NEW* Maybelline lash sensational

I'm one of those rare creatures that actually replaces their mascara MORE often then recommended. I have sensitive eyes and am slightly OCD about my lashes. Just as I'm thinking I need a new mascara this one comes out, and as it was £5.99 on offer I thought I would give it a shot. 

## this photo is stolen off the Internet and does not belong to me ###

It promises to multiply your lashes and pick up the smallest hairs to make it look like you have loads of lashes. I think it does do this.. I just prefer LONG lashes personally. It does what it says on the tin and I like the unique wand, but I think I will not repurchase once it's gone and will stick to my Maxfactor/Loreal formulas. 

Ps excuse the awful lightning that makes me look like I've never slept, I took this photo outside while waiting for the bus! 
Has anyone else tried this new mascara, and if so what do you think?! 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Im now on Bloglovin!

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3 braid hairstyle! Inspired by "Into the woods" Rupunzel

So lots of selfies today to attempt to show my hair off! I went to see the new Disney film "Into the woods" yesterday and although I wasn't too impressed, I LOVED Rupunzels hair in the movie. Obviously I have nowhere near the amount of hair that she has, but I still decided to give the Dutch multiple French plait thing a try. 

Looking at photos now, I really should have left out a few more whispy bits, next time!

I started off my separating my hair into three pieces and tied them with clear elastics. 

I have a popband in the middle section because I wanted it in a bun to keep it out of the way of the side pieces so that they could be braided. 

I then French Dutch braided the two side sections. Dutch braiding is braiding the hair under rather than over. If you need to learn how to French braid, I really recommend watching a follow along tutorial on YouTube.  

I pulled out bits of the braid to make the braid bigger and add texture. 

I then took the hair in the middle section and Dutch braided that down the back of my head, continuing the braids to almost the end of my hair. I left out some bits at the front that I could curl. 

I then braided the three braids together and secured with a clear elastic, and used my Ghds to curl the pieces I left out at the front. I really like the end result of this style, and it's perfect for days when your hair feels a bit out of control or just needs a wash. 


I'm biased anyway as I love braids, but are you a fan of the multi braid hairstyles or do you prefer the more traditional style? 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Review! Popband London hair ties!

So a hair ties a hair tie right? WRONG! If a hair tie was just a hair tie, then we wouldn't have our favourite ones (that we are gutted about when they mysteriously disappear into the black hole where all hair bands and grips go to retire! )

I discovered pop bands when I was looking for hair bands that would not leave marks in my hair. I thought it was a myth that I was chasing, like a unicorn, but it turns out they exist! I started off small by purchasing a single band ( I don't know if it's still available, it was white with a snowflake) and since then they are the only hair bands I will use. They DO NOT leave marks in your hair! I have super long hair and get hot easy so constantly taking my hair up and down, so to find a band that doesn't leave the ugly tell tale mark is amazing. Not only do they not mark your hair, they also don't mark your wrist! This has also led to me not losing so many of them, as they live on my wrist. They are super cute too and resemble festival bracelets. 

Here are some of the sets that I am lucky enough to own! 

So as you can see, they are super pretty and there's some for everyone. They also don't tug or pull your hair which prevents breakage. 

They do multipacks and singles ( with accents) as well as sets with headbands in ( couldn't find an example on the website at the moment but I do own the black glitter set)

They also do a subscription service which is good for people who need to stock up, or as a gift for younger girls with a passion for hair bands and wrist stacking. 

The downside is that they do stretch eventually, and it seems to be that how quickly they stretch out depends on the design ( my printed ones seem to stretch quicker than the plain colour ones for example) however this isn't too much of an issue for me as I have a LOT of hair! 

Not the best example as I twisted the band but you get the idea! 

The only other downside is that if you lend them out, don't expect to get them back...

I can also say from personal experience that they have amazing customer service. I had a very slight issue with one of the products and they got back to me super quick, sent me out a new one plus a little something extra. They are also very friendly which is a rare find! 

To sum up, give them a try! You may never look back! 

Monday, 12 January 2015

You beauty discovery advent calendar days 23 and 24!

Realised I forgot to post this! Bad beauty blogger! Haha 

Day 23: 

This might not excite some people but it does me! I'm really into baths ATM and my skin needs oil to survive winter

Finally day 24:

Christmas Eve! Unfortunately I have to say that this was a huge anticlimax... Christmas Eve I was expecting something fabulous, and the size of the slot made me guess it would be a bottle sample of a fancy perfume, or even better a lipstick! But no ..

This works sleep spray! A nice thing to have, but not a final product! Half way though the box I would have been pleased to get this but I would have prefered something more luxurious for the final day! 

So what are your thoughts on this? Would you be happy with the sleep spray for the final item, or would you prefer a makeup or skincare item? 

Heatless hairstyle number 2! Or "Mermaid hair"

Hello lovlies!

Here is my second (lazy girl) heatless hairstyle! I call this one "Mermaid hair"

The first two steps are the same as my heatless hairstyle number 1; 

Step 1: start off with freshly washed hair. Apply oil and your favourite leave in conditioner ( personally I adore Milk_shakes whipped cream, it is the most delicious smelling thing in the whole world and I wish you all could smell it!) let this sink in before brushing to ensure that tangles are easily sorted without breaking the hair. 

Step 2; allow hair to dry to 80%-90% dry. I prefer to air dry as much as possible, hence the heatless hair style but if you are really short of time then grab a blow dryer and rough dry. 

Step 3: seperate hair into 5 sections, as equally as possible. Braid them as normal. 

You should look like a scary Medusa, per example the above photograph

Step 4: sleep. I find these plaits easy to sleep in and not at alluncomfortable 

Step 5: undo the plaits. Unwind each one individually, do not brush the pieces together.   

Step 6: using your fingers, run thorough your hair so that partings from the plaits do not show, then hairspray! Sometimes I leave it loose, or pin up the front as I am in the process of growing out my fringe so it stands up a bit strange. 

Here's some lovely selfies of the completed look;

So there we go! Not sure if it's as wearable as my first heatless hair style but I like it all the same, especially in summer! 

What heatless hairstyles are your favourites? 

Friday, 9 January 2015

My top 5 Youtubers! People I love to watch ...

Hi all!

So I first got into makeup and beauty properly around 2 years ago. I was after a foundation that would make my skin flawless and cover my broken capillaries. I took some advice from a friend and took my first trip to MAC. This led to many more trips to MAC and all other makeup selling places and I soon became addicted. After noticing the foundation just wasn’t looking as good as I felt it should, I googled it and realised it was because my skin was dehydrated and so it was dull… one thing led to another and my skincare obsession was born! I had lots more questions and so turned to YouTube for advice and discovered a whole host of makeup/beauty Youtubers, some of which taught me a lot (Lauren Curtis deserves a mention here!), and others that I mostly watch for entertainment purposes and the makeup stuff is just a bonus. Here are a run down of my top five Youtubers I love to watch! (I hope they don’t mind but I stole some pictures from the internet, I’m assuming they are all thumbnail’s anyway!)


Easily my favorite YouTuber! She is the type of woman I want to be best friends with. She is sweet without being overly so, and always has a positive attitude while still being a strong woman (She’s got a degree, had a teaching career, now YouTube and is raising her son with the ever elusive Mr Man). Obviously I don’t know her in “real life” but I just feel she has a kind heart. Her videos are funny, entertaining, and although she likes to remind us she is no makeup artist she has taught me a lot personally. Her subscriber numbers have risen very quickly since she first started YouTube and there’s good reason. Honestly, I know its cheesy but she inspires me. This might be cheating slightly by keeping it to just five YouTubers, but her friend Samantha Reilly is also worth a watch! She deserves more subscribers than she has in my opinion.


Shannon is just brilliant. Her videos are funny, down to earth and educational (in makeup and beauty of course) She knows her stuff and also manages to produce more videos than most Youtubers without losing her passion or sounding half-hearted, which to me is very impressive. She clearly has real passion and love for what she does and it shows through.

Britney Lee Saunders

What can I say? She makes me laugh! She’s not your typical beauty guru (and even has a parody about that!) but she does do tutorials, hauls and reviews as well as non beauty related videos. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended, if you don’t like swearing don’t watch her, because I don’t think she would change for anyone!

Glam and Gore

I have recently discovered Mykies channel and am just in awe of how talented she is. As the name suggests, she does “normal” makeup tutorials but also does more theater/horror type makeup looks and makes herself unrecognisable. Some of her videos freak me out if I’m honest as the end look is a bit too scary, but that’s just me being a wimp! She is beautiful and just.. wow. Just watch her video transformations and you will see what I mean!

Glow of grace 

Not actually named Grace,  Rachel is another positive woman who is just enjoyable to watch, whether its her Wednesday wow videos, tutorials or general chit videos. She has been a bit quieter as of late as she has recently given birth to a baby girl (named Grace!) and I even enjoyed her pregnancy blogs despite not having children or plans to have them anytime soon. 

That’s it folks! Please let me know who your favorite Youtubers are, as I always love finding new people to watch!