Monday, 12 January 2015

Heatless hairstyle number 2! Or "Mermaid hair"

Hello lovlies!

Here is my second (lazy girl) heatless hairstyle! I call this one "Mermaid hair"

The first two steps are the same as my heatless hairstyle number 1; 

Step 1: start off with freshly washed hair. Apply oil and your favourite leave in conditioner ( personally I adore Milk_shakes whipped cream, it is the most delicious smelling thing in the whole world and I wish you all could smell it!) let this sink in before brushing to ensure that tangles are easily sorted without breaking the hair. 

Step 2; allow hair to dry to 80%-90% dry. I prefer to air dry as much as possible, hence the heatless hair style but if you are really short of time then grab a blow dryer and rough dry. 

Step 3: seperate hair into 5 sections, as equally as possible. Braid them as normal. 

You should look like a scary Medusa, per example the above photograph

Step 4: sleep. I find these plaits easy to sleep in and not at alluncomfortable 

Step 5: undo the plaits. Unwind each one individually, do not brush the pieces together.   

Step 6: using your fingers, run thorough your hair so that partings from the plaits do not show, then hairspray! Sometimes I leave it loose, or pin up the front as I am in the process of growing out my fringe so it stands up a bit strange. 

Here's some lovely selfies of the completed look;

So there we go! Not sure if it's as wearable as my first heatless hair style but I like it all the same, especially in summer! 

What heatless hairstyles are your favourites?