Friday, 16 January 2015

Review! Popband London hair ties!

So a hair ties a hair tie right? WRONG! If a hair tie was just a hair tie, then we wouldn't have our favourite ones (that we are gutted about when they mysteriously disappear into the black hole where all hair bands and grips go to retire! )

I discovered pop bands when I was looking for hair bands that would not leave marks in my hair. I thought it was a myth that I was chasing, like a unicorn, but it turns out they exist! I started off small by purchasing a single band ( I don't know if it's still available, it was white with a snowflake) and since then they are the only hair bands I will use. They DO NOT leave marks in your hair! I have super long hair and get hot easy so constantly taking my hair up and down, so to find a band that doesn't leave the ugly tell tale mark is amazing. Not only do they not mark your hair, they also don't mark your wrist! This has also led to me not losing so many of them, as they live on my wrist. They are super cute too and resemble festival bracelets. 

Here are some of the sets that I am lucky enough to own! 

So as you can see, they are super pretty and there's some for everyone. They also don't tug or pull your hair which prevents breakage. 

They do multipacks and singles ( with accents) as well as sets with headbands in ( couldn't find an example on the website at the moment but I do own the black glitter set)

They also do a subscription service which is good for people who need to stock up, or as a gift for younger girls with a passion for hair bands and wrist stacking. 

The downside is that they do stretch eventually, and it seems to be that how quickly they stretch out depends on the design ( my printed ones seem to stretch quicker than the plain colour ones for example) however this isn't too much of an issue for me as I have a LOT of hair! 

Not the best example as I twisted the band but you get the idea! 

The only other downside is that if you lend them out, don't expect to get them back...

I can also say from personal experience that they have amazing customer service. I had a very slight issue with one of the products and they got back to me super quick, sent me out a new one plus a little something extra. They are also very friendly which is a rare find! 

To sum up, give them a try! You may never look back!