Monday, 27 June 2016

Shop Dixi - Mini haul and review

Hi all,

Like most people I think, Shop Dixi first some under my radar due to Instagram. I'd seen a lot of their jewellery in posts and also linkied YouTube videos ( I'm pretty sure Bunny from Grav3yard Girl has a necklace from there) and I sort of dismissed them. Why? For example, the large crystal necklace I had my eye on was out of my price range, and they were probably an American company who would cost me loads in shipping and customs right? Wrong. 

I only bothered to do some actual research into them when I saw the "Lone Wolf" ring ( now sold out, sorry guys). Becoming recently single for the first time in ten years ( I'm 26) it seemed fitting for the strength I believe I have shown and am planning on continuing to show while I learn how to just be me, without another  person.  I had to have it. Unfortunately I used a ring sizer which indicated to me that my size would be a 17.5", which was  sold out. Wah.  I tweeted the company a couple of times but didn't get a definitive response. Sort of fair though, companies don't always know when exactly stock will be in of specific items and probably don't want to make promises that they then cannot keep.

 I then received a newsletter email from ShopDixi, informing me that they had 20% off all rings. I couldn't resist that. There were others I wanted. First one I put in my basket was a thin, sterling silver band reading "Moon child" which is another perfect description for me. The full price for this was £22. I also ordered their "casket" ring which is a small sterling silver coffin ring prices at only £26 (not including discount)

 The final ring of this order is the beautiful "Sunset lovers ocean blue " ring which I got a really good deal on as it was from one of the sample trays. It is  sterling silver and due to being worn on a photo shoot was discounted down to £14. 

The only sign that it had been worn was the sample sticker attached.

 It's perfect and I would really reccomed checking the sample trays out to snap up rings that you like at a discounted price. Obviously there is usually only one or a couple of each though so act fast if you find one that you love. 

I also purchased a heart necklace which was on sale for £5 and reads "witch" not to everyone's taste but it suits my style perfectly 

In my excitement of checking out, and the pain of using terrible hotel wifi, I realised I had mistyped my email address and so did not receive the confirmation email (rooky mistake) I emailed ShopDixi customer service and also included another request about the "Lone Wolf" ring. They got back to me very quickly (within a couple of hours) resent my email and advised that unfortunately they would not be getting any more stock in of the ring now but I could keep an eye on the sample trays as it might appear there. I panicked and immediately ordered the ring in 18" with the intentions of getting it resized.

 As I was in holiday at the time I got all packages at once when I got home, however shipping was incredibly quick (a couple of days max) and cost only £1.95! Bargain! The " Lone Wolf" ring was £36 but was reduced down to £24 with the 20% off. Turns out that, as the band is thicker, I would have needed the larger size anyway, and it fits perfectly stacked with my other purchases. As all the rings are sterling silver, my fingers won't be going green anytime soon! Hurrah! 

To sum up, Shop Dixi DOES have expensive things out of my personal price range but they also have very good value, affordable products, are a UK company and have quicker, cheaper shipping then most! What's not to love?! Unfortunately that particular promotion of 20% off of rings has now ended however I would definitely recommend signing up to their newsletter before buying as they seem to have discount codes on a lot! They also do special offers on specific items which I believe changes daily so keep an eye out for those too! All in all I'm very happy with my purchases and am sure I will be shopping with them again sooner than my bank balance would appreciate  

Has anyone else bought anything Shop Dixi? What are your thoughts?