Tuesday, 17 March 2015

MAC Cinderella collection - First impression

I love Disney. LOVE Disney. I would go Disney World/Disneyland every year if I could ( and yes there is a difference between the two) In fact, scrap that, I would live there.

I'm also a sucker for their merchandise, so when a collaboration with MAC for the new Cinderella film was announced I know I would be first in line. 

How pretty though?! 

I was online the morning of the UK release, refreshing my page like a mad man from 6am. Frustratingly, the collection came out at some entirely random time, like 9:10 am or something. 

Luckily my persistence paid off and I managed to get everything I wanted. I had obviously studied the collection and swatches beforehand and the main thing I really wanted was the eyeshadow palette, "Stoke of midnight" 

It didn't disappoint and is beautiful. Only one of the colours is actually limited edition and that's the black shade, with flecks of glitter. I know some people were put off by this as it may mean duplicating shades in their collection, but I only have a couple of MAC eyeshadows so this was not an issue for me. Usual MAC quality, pigmented and buttery ( not as soft as Urban Decay but enough to keep me happy)

Here are some swatches on my super hairy bear arm 

The first two don't show up because I'm so fair so please excuse that. They work lovely for an inner corner highlight on my eyes though. 

Next up is the lipstick in "Free as a butterfly", which I'm sorry to say but I was very disappointed with, to the point where I considered returning it. In the tube it looks like a brownish nude, but watched it's so sheer it looks just like shine. Literally. The only reason I didnt return it is because the packaging is so pretty, and if I can get over that and decide to get rid of it, I will put it on EBay instead. 

I don't know. I guess it just wasn't what I expected. 

The last thing I ordered was the "Beauty powder" (whatever that is!) in "Mystery Princess". I had studied the two face products and had chosen this one as it has a more champagne tone and on my fair skin I can use it as a highlight. I'm really happy with this! It leaves my skin with a glow without being too glittery or shimmery and I can get away with being a bit heavy handed without looking mega shiny. 

The finish on the packaging is super reflective and makes photographs very hard so please excuse that!

And a swatch

Overall I'm really happy with the collection and glad I managed to pick up the products that I wanted, even if the lipstick isn't really to my taste. 

Honestly though, Disney and makeup are my two favourite things so I think they could have thrown anything at me and I would have loved it. I can see why some people are disappointed as a lot of the products/ shades are just repackaged which is a little lazy in my opinion. I have also seen photos online of brushes that we didn't have, so that would have been lovely if us in the UK would have been given the change to purchase those. 

Here is a look I created with "Stroke of Midnight" eyeshadow palette. 

As "Coffee break with Dani" would say.. Welcome to mah face! 

Have you tried anything from the MAC Cinderella collection, and if so, what are your thoughts? 


Friday, 13 March 2015

Dupe for Limecrime Cashmere?! And life update...

Hi guys! 

Liquid lipsticks. Scary. I don't do lipGLOSS as I hate the sticky feeling and it getting my hair stuck in it when I'm walking my etc! Urgh no. I'm blonde too so it stains my hair.. You get the picture. 

Liquid lipsticks however.. Happy to try those but didn't want to spend a fortune or buy from Limecrime (y'all know why) so was happy when I came across this post. 


As you can see I can take no credit for discovering these bad boys, only pass on my thoughts. 

They come in a weird tube like a test tube! Normal doe foot type applicatier. Prices vary but generally affordable. I paid  £3.99 from eBay but that's because I knew as soon as I saw swatches that I HAD to have number 18! HAD too! 

It's Kylie Jenner lips all over again!!! I just don't see myself getting fed up of these types of shades. Super wearable, neutral and go fantastic with my 90's grunge style. The moment I put it on, it reminded me of something but I couldn't put my finger on it

Then I realised!! It's got the same grey type undertones as Cashmere by Limecrime, just a little warmer!!  I don't own Limecrime Cashmere and so can't directly compare it, but going by colour alone I can see the similarity. Is it a dupe? Maybe not.. But it's good enough for me! 

IM IN LOVE and I'll definately be purchasing more shades. Also this stuff does not budge. I mean it. I swatched it on my hand.. Washed my hand.. Scrubbed my hand.. Showered and washed my hair... And it was still there! Be careful! 

Now for the downsides.. It dries to a weird texture. It doesn't feel sticky when it's just on my mouth, but if I put my lips together they kind of glue together! I think. The product just sticks to itself. Case in point

How attractive. Just don't smack your lips together like you do when you apply lipstick or gloss. Also don't attempt a second coat as the texture does not agree with that. 

So basically my verdict is.. I love them, but be careful! I think a lot of long lasting liquid lipstick products probably have the same issues as they have to be tacky in order to adhere to the lips for long periods of time

The colour selection is fantastic, so if this shade isn't for you, check out swatches of the other numbered shades before you purchase

Looks a little warmer again here as I have a red lip stain underneath 

Now for the life update if anyone cares.. I passed my driving test!! Yay!! Finally!! Been learning for ages and I'm 25 so it was a long time coming but I'm so glad I stuck with it and now it's done! Here's me looking all proud. 

That's all for now! Let me know your thoughts if you decide to try these out xx

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Latest in Beauty - The Glamour Spring edit box

So.. I've been seeing this box everywhere but I'm meant to be cutting spending and being good so I held off purchasing. I also saw in the photos that it had another red nail varnish and gloss in so that put me off..

Then I found out that red is only one choice of three colours, and that the box includes a 12 month subscription to Glamour magazine. SOLD. 

I ordered this online for the bargain price of £16.99 and it only took 3 days to arrive. Considering the cost of a 12 month subscription to Glamour is more than that, I'm already happy. 

Here's what the box looks like open

Comes with cute and informative cards as well as discount codes for all brands included and my exclusive code for the glamour print subscription

First thing I noticed was the lipgloss from Rimmel. It's a really nice colour but I just don't use lipgloss. Will pass this on. 

Second I noticed the Moroccan oil hair mask which I'm looking forward to trying, as I mentioned in previous posts I do a hair mask at least once a week so it's something I love to recieve. 

Next up is the Beauty UK brow kit. Seeing it in photos, I was concerned that even the lightest color would be too dark for my brows, but having swatched it I think it will work well. I love the cute little brush and mini tweezers that come with it too! 

Then it was to the Revlon Colourstay nail varnishes! I hardly ever paint my nails anymore. Nail varnish does not stay on them for more than an hour. I've tried everything! So I wasn't too excited to recieve two in this box. However, as I received a lovely blue colour in "Full House" (rather than the dreaded over supplied red) and also as its a new gel formula, I'm going to give it a try and see if it lasts any longer than regular polish. So here's my beautiful blue shade, and the diamond gel top coat 

Then we had the item I'm most looking forward to trying, the Kiko eyeshadow long lasting stick. We have a Kiko in the Stratford Westfield shopping centre where I spend far too much time, but I always just walk past and I'm not sure why? Maybe just because I wouldn't know where to start, so I was excited to recieve a product from the brand in this box. I received a beautiful gold shade in 07, which looks like it's going to be perfect all over the lid. 

Next to grab my attention is the Model co. Creme rouge cheek and lip in "just peachy"  I'm a tad frightened of cream cheek products as I'm a powder girl, and often forget to put them on before and then we have some terrible mismatched cake face going on as it sort of curdles on my face. Not attractive. I'm also not usually a huge fan of peach colours but to me this is more of a deeper peach so I like it! Very generously sized, I'm going to attempt to use it as a blush as well as to chuck on my lips before dashing out the door to work so that I don't look like a dead person ( I'm very pale and my lips naturally have NO pigment)

They chucked in a free perfume sample for good measure. Not for my taste but smells like something my mum might like so I'll give it to her 

Finally, the Nuxe Creme Fraiche 24hr smoothing and rehydrating fresh mask. I've received this before in a beauty box and I love it. I have combination sensitive skin and this is wonderful for when my normal oils or moisturisers just aren't doing it. I get fine dehydration lines on my forehead so tend to keep this in my bedside unit and slather it on every couple of days before I sleep and it asks to make a big difference. It has a fresh non offensive sort of dairy type smell, which sounds weird but I promise you it's not. You don't have to wash it off either of you don't want to, which is good for me as I do like to use it as a overnight treatment for my face. Here's what it looks like

And that's everything! For the price I don't think you could get better. It's a fantastic deal. All products (expect the perfume) are full size and (including the subscription for Glamour normally £24.99) the box is worth a whopping £99 which is a bit insane for £16.99. 

If you're a fan of any of the products and/ Glamour magazine I would definately purchase one of these while you still can as it really is a steal

The Glamour Spring edit can be found here; http://www.latestinbeauty.com/glamour/

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Calling all "Balance me" fans! Glamour magazine UK collab

The brand "Balance me" has collaborated with Glamour magazine (UK) this month and is giving away 1 of 4 possible samples with each magazine purchased. The magazine is only £2 so to get a decent size sample with it is a bargain in my opinion. 

The choices are 

And I went for the face mask as I'm always looking for pamper type treatments! 

I've only ever tried the wonder eye cream from this brand and was very impressed so looking forward to finding out want the mask is like. The products are 98% natural ingredients and the brand is cruelty free 

Which one of the four would you choose? 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Combined Feburary haul! Feat. Cherry Diva! MAC, NYX and more!

LONG post. LONG. I have a spending problem yada yada yada. Here are the things I bought in Feburary so you can vicariously shop through me. First stop, Cherry Diva!

 I mean seriously? How ridiculously perfect is this scarf?! 

I fell in love after seeing it on Twitter and even more so when I saw it in person. It was £10. Can't get better than that! 

My mums off to Barbados soon so I bought her this beautiful status necklace for £6 ( Photo does it no justice) 

This for me, for when I feel like being a mermaid (£1.00) 

And these for me, for when I go to see Labyrinth in the cinema at a special event in London (Beyond excite! £4.00) 

These items can be found at www.cherrydiva.co.uk and UK shipping is only 99p. 

Next, NYX at www.very.co.uk. Now Wowcher had a deal where you could get £20 to spend at Very.co.uk for the price of £10, so obviously I got it to buy makeup with. I treated myself to the "Angel veil makeup primer" (which I ADORE) Chubby lip pencil thing in " Burlesque" and the butter lip stick in "Hunk" which was way less fierce than I thought it would be. 

Then I went over to boots and got myself Rimmel 2 for £10 and Maybelline 3 for 2. 

Rimmel lip liner in "East end snob" have a whole post about that already, and Rimmel gel eyeliner which does the job

2 New Maybelline colour tattoos in letter effect, vintage plum and creamy beige. Also a "FIT ME" pressed powder to set my makeup, in Ivory obvs. 

I also smashed my number 7 light up mirror which was a make up EMERGENCY (right after I completed this look with my new MAC products) so I had to replace that. 


Speaking of MAC, I took advantage of Debenhams 10% off beauty sale and ordered eyeshadows in "Handwritten" and "Naked Lunch" (which look NOTHING in the pan but are EVERYTHING on the face) and MAC lipstick in "FAUX" because I needed anothe lipstick this shade obviously. 

I'm a huge Disney fan. HUGE. So I bought some Tsum Tsums £3 each. I now own Donald and Daisy too. 

That's a mini Yankee candle in "strawberry and cream" hiding in there too. 

Last but not least (of the things I'm including anyway, I can't write about everything as we would be here all day!) was this little beauty from Urban Outfitters £8

Erm yes. Being that isn't everything I now feel a tad guilty. Never mind, there's always next month to be good!