Tuesday, 17 March 2015

MAC Cinderella collection - First impression

I love Disney. LOVE Disney. I would go Disney World/Disneyland every year if I could ( and yes there is a difference between the two) In fact, scrap that, I would live there.

I'm also a sucker for their merchandise, so when a collaboration with MAC for the new Cinderella film was announced I know I would be first in line. 

How pretty though?! 

I was online the morning of the UK release, refreshing my page like a mad man from 6am. Frustratingly, the collection came out at some entirely random time, like 9:10 am or something. 

Luckily my persistence paid off and I managed to get everything I wanted. I had obviously studied the collection and swatches beforehand and the main thing I really wanted was the eyeshadow palette, "Stoke of midnight" 

It didn't disappoint and is beautiful. Only one of the colours is actually limited edition and that's the black shade, with flecks of glitter. I know some people were put off by this as it may mean duplicating shades in their collection, but I only have a couple of MAC eyeshadows so this was not an issue for me. Usual MAC quality, pigmented and buttery ( not as soft as Urban Decay but enough to keep me happy)

Here are some swatches on my super hairy bear arm 

The first two don't show up because I'm so fair so please excuse that. They work lovely for an inner corner highlight on my eyes though. 

Next up is the lipstick in "Free as a butterfly", which I'm sorry to say but I was very disappointed with, to the point where I considered returning it. In the tube it looks like a brownish nude, but watched it's so sheer it looks just like shine. Literally. The only reason I didnt return it is because the packaging is so pretty, and if I can get over that and decide to get rid of it, I will put it on EBay instead. 

I don't know. I guess it just wasn't what I expected. 

The last thing I ordered was the "Beauty powder" (whatever that is!) in "Mystery Princess". I had studied the two face products and had chosen this one as it has a more champagne tone and on my fair skin I can use it as a highlight. I'm really happy with this! It leaves my skin with a glow without being too glittery or shimmery and I can get away with being a bit heavy handed without looking mega shiny. 

The finish on the packaging is super reflective and makes photographs very hard so please excuse that!

And a swatch

Overall I'm really happy with the collection and glad I managed to pick up the products that I wanted, even if the lipstick isn't really to my taste. 

Honestly though, Disney and makeup are my two favourite things so I think they could have thrown anything at me and I would have loved it. I can see why some people are disappointed as a lot of the products/ shades are just repackaged which is a little lazy in my opinion. I have also seen photos online of brushes that we didn't have, so that would have been lovely if us in the UK would have been given the change to purchase those. 

Here is a look I created with "Stroke of Midnight" eyeshadow palette. 

As "Coffee break with Dani" would say.. Welcome to mah face! 

Have you tried anything from the MAC Cinderella collection, and if so, what are your thoughts?