Thursday, 9 April 2015

Collection concealers - worth the hype?

Collection is known for their affordability, but I still labeled this a "worth the hype?" post because these concealers get a lot of attention from Youtubers and beauty bloggers alike. 

The "origional" if you like, is this one here 

(Image belongs to collection cosmetics)

I'm a huge fan of this stuff. For a long time I was being a makeup snob about it and decided that being so cheap, there was no way it could be as good as some of the high end ones I own. I finally tried it last year and I LOVE it. 

It's very high coverage ( a little goes a long way) thick and the best part? It comes in a super pale shade. I'm a NC15 in MAC for reference, and trying to find concealers or foundations that are light enough is very difficult. This one fits the bill and covers my dark circles as well as slightly highlighting the under eye area. It doesn't crease for me personally either. 

When I heard that there was a new "highlighting" concealer out by Collection I knew I had to try it. The packaging is different, unfortunately in my opinion looks cheaper, however the applicator is one of those twist ones and is quite nice.. The tip is similar to the cult YSL touché éclat 

( Image belongs to Collection cosmetics)

Here are the swatches of the two, side by side ( New " Illuminating touch"  concealer is actually the one swatched on top!) 

My first impression of the new concealer ( swatched nearest my fingers) was HELL NO. It's SO much darker than the other one!!  Both are in the lightest shades and the new one looked positively orange next to the old one. However, I have since used it and under the eyes it does a good job and doesn't look dark at all. Weirdly enough I feel like the new "Illuminating touch" concealer is more of a concealer concealer, and the "Lasting perfection" is better at highlighting! Whatever, my writing skills suck today but basically they should just swap the names of the two in my opinion! 

Will I continue to use and repurchase? 

Yes definately. I generally buy mine from Boots when they're a 3 for 2 offer on (there is right now for anyone interested) so it works out even cheaper, and for the price and the quality of the product they are both a steal. They have already become a staple in my morning routine! 

What's your favourite affordable concealer?