Thursday, 25 June 2015

Daenerys inspired braids

I love a braid. It doesn't take all that much effort (once you are used to it) and makes you look like you spent ages doing your hair (in reality I spend hours on my makeup and little or no time dealing with my locks) 

I also love Dany from Game of Thrones. She's a badass dragon queen with nice hair. What's not to love? I've tried lots of braid looks, but my latest attempt is a more "wearable" version of this (without looking like a completely mental fan girl) 

So here's my attempt 

 I've got to say, I kind of love it. It's basically a French, Dutch braid plaited towards the back of the head so that it stays in that position itself. A Dutch braid is simply a plait where the pieces are placed under each other, not over. If you do not know how to Dutch/French braid then it's worth checking out some YouTube tutorials, as that's how I learnt! 

It's super comfortable and keeps my hair off my face in this unusually hot British weather. 

Front view! I secured the end of the braids with small elastics, and they have stayed in place all day! 

Have any of you guys tried to recreate any Game of Thrones / Daenerys Targaryen inspired hair styles? 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Pawsome subscription box for dogs! *WARNING - Contains cuteness*

Hi all!

Sorry I've been AWOL. I have no excuse really except that I'm rubbish sometimes

Anyway this is a bit of a different post but it was too cute not to share. A little while ago I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw an advert for the Pawsome subscription service.

 Intrigued, I had a look and they were doing an offer where the first box was free ( it is normally priced at £19.99) Being the owner of this little girl (Minnie Mouse) I had to try it

When you sign up they take some information about the breed and age of your dog and their name in case you want to add multiple animals. A good few weeks went by and I didn't receive my box, and I started to think that maybe it hadn't processed or maybe when something seems too good to be true that it is.. But then I received a email from them. Basically they had (understandably) had a lot of interest since they offered the first box free so they were just running a little behind. Low and behold I came home yesterday to a HUGE box of doggie things. 

The first thing I noted was that it had not one, but TWO toys in it which is perfect for my little one as she loves her toys but chews them to pieces. The first was a little mouse plush ( well suited to a dog named after the most famous female mouse of all time) 

The second one was a little ball / rope monkey

The box also contained some wipes for her fur ( or hair as she is a Yorkshire terrier) and a blue travel water bottle/bowl (always useful) 

And two large bags of appropriately sized treats. 

Here's Minnie enjoying the banana and chicken ones 

Safe to say she loves them and the box is a hit in this house! 

Would I continue this subscription? Honestly I can't afford too. £19.99 is a lot to pay per month for treats for my dog especially as she is already spoiled as it is However, as a one off for her birthday or for Christmas I think it's great, and you definately get your money's worth. 

It would also be nice if they introduced a smaller box with a smaller price tag to be able to justify a monthly billing.

What do you think about subscription services for pets? 

A few extra Minnie photos for good measure ( before and after hair cut)