Thursday, 25 June 2015

Daenerys inspired braids

I love a braid. It doesn't take all that much effort (once you are used to it) and makes you look like you spent ages doing your hair (in reality I spend hours on my makeup and little or no time dealing with my locks) 

I also love Dany from Game of Thrones. She's a badass dragon queen with nice hair. What's not to love? I've tried lots of braid looks, but my latest attempt is a more "wearable" version of this (without looking like a completely mental fan girl) 

So here's my attempt 

 I've got to say, I kind of love it. It's basically a French, Dutch braid plaited towards the back of the head so that it stays in that position itself. A Dutch braid is simply a plait where the pieces are placed under each other, not over. If you do not know how to Dutch/French braid then it's worth checking out some YouTube tutorials, as that's how I learnt! 

It's super comfortable and keeps my hair off my face in this unusually hot British weather. 

Front view! I secured the end of the braids with small elastics, and they have stayed in place all day! 

Have any of you guys tried to recreate any Game of Thrones / Daenerys Targaryen inspired hair styles?