Monday, 14 September 2015

Cohorted beauty box review

My relationship with Cohorted is bittersweet. Since their launch of their beauty boxes I have been desperately trying to get hold of one. I even came so close with the August box only to have it whipped out of my basket at checkout and met with the dreaded "SOLD OUT". However, by some stroke of luck I managed to get my paws on the September box and it was worth the wait! 

Firstly, the box is only £19.99 plus shipping (£2.50 or free for all orders over £20.. Cheeky Cohorted!)  but the contents of the box are always worth a lot more. I believe my little card told me that Septembers box was worth around £75. 

The packaging is super pretty and I felt weirdly special undoing the bow to open the box! It's the little things in life 

First thing I noticed made my jaw drop. Honestly. I literally couldn't believe it and wondered if they had made some sort of mistake. 

"Nude tude" by The Balm palette. I had my eye on this for ages but for £37 I was holding off.. And here I am getting it in a £20 beauty box! I'm a fan of their shadows anyway as I love the "Meet Mr Matte" palette so I was VERY excited to receive this. 

The next item I spotted was another jaw dropper. A full size NARS lip pencil lipstick. I can't remember the colour name because I'm rubbish, but it's a beautiful orangey browny red shade and is perfect for Autumn winter! 

But first 

(Excuse the rest of my face please, this was a evening photo after I had been at work all day!)

Next up was a mini eye primer again by The Balm 

A very cute Molton Brown bath and shower gel (promptly gifted to the mother    in law)

And a shower gel by GUCCI. Yup. GUCCI

I was a little surprised to see two bath/shower products in one box but honestly the rest more than made up for it. This box is incredible value for money. The products provided are popular well known products and in actual wearable colours. This is a premium beauty box service for a more than reasonable price in my opinion, and a massive hit with me. 

The October box is available to preorder from 6pm tomorrow. I'll race you to check out

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Too faced Cocoa Contour palette and review

Hi all!! 

I make no secret of my love for the cocoa infused Too Faced products. They are creamy, pigmented and smell like my favourite food. So I kind of knew that this was going to be a hit! My little sister kindly bought this for me for my birthday, but I believe it retails at around £32. 

It came in a cardboard sleeve which is cute but will irritate me and no doubt end up in the bin. Here's the back of it though

I really wish they would print this on the back of the actual palette rather than on the sleeve ( Too Faced - we did talk about this with the chocolate palette, please listen to us!)

The front of the actual palette is the same as the sleeve, and the back looks like this;

And the usual little diagram sheet which is always helpful 

The palette contains 2 highlighting shades (one matte highlight and one shimmer/ glitter highlight) and 2 contour shades (medium and dark) as well as a nifty little brush.  I was a bit afraid of the glittery highlight but honestly it's not as harsh on the face as it is in the pan. 

Here are some swatches 

So my verdict is that I really like this palette. BUT I am white as a sheet
naturally and I would really like it if Too Faced released a "Milk chocolate contour palette" for those of us with fair skin, as the milk chocolate soilel bronzer suits my skin tone perfectly. This one I have to be a little careful of not to get too heavy. 

Here's a before and after with the worst lighting ever 

Before : 

After : 

Quite subtle but that's how it's meant to be right!?

Anyone else a huge fan of the Too faced Cocoa palettes or contour kits in general? Anyone have any recommendations for contour with super pale skin?