Thursday, 16 April 2015

1 minute review - Loreal infallible 24hr matte primer and foundation

My favourite foundation that I have found in my 25 years on this earth is Estée Lauder Double Wear. . I bought mine from a cosmetics company outlet so it could be a shade lighter, but apart from that it's perfect. Heavy coverage, can be set to matte and extremely long lasting. This stuff isn't cheap so if anything comes into the drugstore market promising any of these things I'm interested. 

Sadly, this time I was disappointed. You win some, you loose some. (Friendly reminder, what doesn't work for me, may work for you... This is my experience with the products) 

These were on introductory offer at boots (I think) for £5.99 each and it was 3 for 2 so I splurged. They are meant to be used together and have nifty instructions on the back for the best way to apply. 

The primer? Who knows. I'm not sure if any of them do what they say they do... Except porefessional which DOES reduce the visable pores on my face anyway.. This one does not claim to fill/blur your pores and thank god because it seriously doesn't! Does it make my makeup last longer? Guess I'll have to try it with a different foundation before I really know. 

The foundation. Sad face.Now I don't know if my skin just rejects this stuff (combination sensitive) , or if it doesn't agree with my moisturiser or what, but it just would not blend properly on applicaton. Like from far away it looked like it blended but up close it was forming into weird patches that are hard to explain. People who wear glasses; you know how the foundation sits on your nose weird and sort of rubs off where you glasses are over the course of the day? Like that only in multiple places. When I try to blend it, it just rubs off!! 

This gets worse during the day. It's medium coverage but my pores are on full display by lunch time, with random patches missing/ redness showing through. Waa. Not happy. 

So hard to show in a photo! Plus from far away it's fineish, it's just up close that's the real problem. 

It's such a shame as for me the colour was near perfect. I'm a NC15 in MAC and got the shade "porcelain" which is the lightest that they offer. 

It's left me wondering, what does everyone else think?