Sunday, 18 January 2015

3 braid hairstyle! Inspired by "Into the woods" Rupunzel

So lots of selfies today to attempt to show my hair off! I went to see the new Disney film "Into the woods" yesterday and although I wasn't too impressed, I LOVED Rupunzels hair in the movie. Obviously I have nowhere near the amount of hair that she has, but I still decided to give the Dutch multiple French plait thing a try. 

Looking at photos now, I really should have left out a few more whispy bits, next time!

I started off my separating my hair into three pieces and tied them with clear elastics. 

I have a popband in the middle section because I wanted it in a bun to keep it out of the way of the side pieces so that they could be braided. 

I then French Dutch braided the two side sections. Dutch braiding is braiding the hair under rather than over. If you need to learn how to French braid, I really recommend watching a follow along tutorial on YouTube.  

I pulled out bits of the braid to make the braid bigger and add texture. 

I then took the hair in the middle section and Dutch braided that down the back of my head, continuing the braids to almost the end of my hair. I left out some bits at the front that I could curl. 

I then braided the three braids together and secured with a clear elastic, and used my Ghds to curl the pieces I left out at the front. I really like the end result of this style, and it's perfect for days when your hair feels a bit out of control or just needs a wash. 


I'm biased anyway as I love braids, but are you a fan of the multi braid hairstyles or do you prefer the more traditional style?