Monday, 26 January 2015

Cherry diva mini haul!!

Hi guys! 

Not exactly beauty related but I wanted to do this post none the less. I have ordered from Cherry diva before as, quite frankly, their stuff is nice but cheap! I made this order because they tweeted that they had a new product, which is a cuff bangle that you can have personalised with anything you want ( up to 30 characters) 

Being the goth I am, I had to get a quote from one of my favourite films "The Craft" Cherry diva tweeted me the next day with this photo


Yes, I got the famous "We are the weirdos mister" quote. Couldn't. Help. Myself. 

Here's some of my own photos 

I LOVE it! It's super cheap at £12 a time and it's perfect for wearing alone or stacking. It is bendable so it will fit anyone but be careful when bending, I almost snapped mine in half the first time I opened it. That's the one thing I would change; make it a bit sturdier for us heavy handed ladies! 

While I was on there, I couldn't resist these items too 

£1. Seriously. ONE POUND. 

These were £4 and reminded me too much of Betsey Johnson to pass up. 


At this point I was at £19 and it's £20 for free delivery so I decided to treat my sister to this! (Emily, if you actually read my blogs.. This is for you !) 


So anyway, this completed my order.. Until now when I accidentally ordered this while checking prices for this post.. 

I have a problem. Clearly. 

Anyway that's it for this mini haul! Just wanted to share as it's such good value for peices that can update an outfit! Anyone else ordered from this site before? Oh and btw this isn't sponsored, companies don't know who I am! Haha. 

Bye for now xxxx