Friday, 9 January 2015

My top 5 Youtubers! People I love to watch ...

Hi all!

So I first got into makeup and beauty properly around 2 years ago. I was after a foundation that would make my skin flawless and cover my broken capillaries. I took some advice from a friend and took my first trip to MAC. This led to many more trips to MAC and all other makeup selling places and I soon became addicted. After noticing the foundation just wasn’t looking as good as I felt it should, I googled it and realised it was because my skin was dehydrated and so it was dull… one thing led to another and my skincare obsession was born! I had lots more questions and so turned to YouTube for advice and discovered a whole host of makeup/beauty Youtubers, some of which taught me a lot (Lauren Curtis deserves a mention here!), and others that I mostly watch for entertainment purposes and the makeup stuff is just a bonus. Here are a run down of my top five Youtubers I love to watch! (I hope they don’t mind but I stole some pictures from the internet, I’m assuming they are all thumbnail’s anyway!)


Easily my favorite YouTuber! She is the type of woman I want to be best friends with. She is sweet without being overly so, and always has a positive attitude while still being a strong woman (She’s got a degree, had a teaching career, now YouTube and is raising her son with the ever elusive Mr Man). Obviously I don’t know her in “real life” but I just feel she has a kind heart. Her videos are funny, entertaining, and although she likes to remind us she is no makeup artist she has taught me a lot personally. Her subscriber numbers have risen very quickly since she first started YouTube and there’s good reason. Honestly, I know its cheesy but she inspires me. This might be cheating slightly by keeping it to just five YouTubers, but her friend Samantha Reilly is also worth a watch! She deserves more subscribers than she has in my opinion.


Shannon is just brilliant. Her videos are funny, down to earth and educational (in makeup and beauty of course) She knows her stuff and also manages to produce more videos than most Youtubers without losing her passion or sounding half-hearted, which to me is very impressive. She clearly has real passion and love for what she does and it shows through.

Britney Lee Saunders

What can I say? She makes me laugh! She’s not your typical beauty guru (and even has a parody about that!) but she does do tutorials, hauls and reviews as well as non beauty related videos. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended, if you don’t like swearing don’t watch her, because I don’t think she would change for anyone!

Glam and Gore

I have recently discovered Mykies channel and am just in awe of how talented she is. As the name suggests, she does “normal” makeup tutorials but also does more theater/horror type makeup looks and makes herself unrecognisable. Some of her videos freak me out if I’m honest as the end look is a bit too scary, but that’s just me being a wimp! She is beautiful and just.. wow. Just watch her video transformations and you will see what I mean!

Glow of grace 

Not actually named Grace,  Rachel is another positive woman who is just enjoyable to watch, whether its her Wednesday wow videos, tutorials or general chit videos. She has been a bit quieter as of late as she has recently given birth to a baby girl (named Grace!) and I even enjoyed her pregnancy blogs despite not having children or plans to have them anytime soon. 

That’s it folks! Please let me know who your favorite Youtubers are, as I always love finding new people to watch!