Friday, 30 January 2015

*BRAND NEW* Benefit Rollerlash mascara! First impression!

So this mascara is so new, it's not even avaliable to buy yet! How did I get my paws on one?! Elle UK magazine are giving away samples of this product in their March issue, on sale now. I may have bought two. Sorry not sorry. 

Here is the sample, not as big as the mini "Bad girl lash" sample, but big enough all the same. CUTE packaging! 

First I applied my Jane IRedale lash conditioner like I do all the time, then this baby

Apologies for the blurry picture, I have a black bedroom and trying to take a photo of a black mascara wand was enough to make my iPhone have a bitch fit

At first when I was applying it, I wasn't impressed. The brush is the type I like, hard and spikey (OI OI!) but it was frustrating me. I literally sit and apply layers of mascara for about 20 minutes straight while watching Netflix in the mornings so I decided to move on to my other eye. 

Voila! This product (I found) layers much better once the first ( or second or third in my case) layer is completely dry. It definitely curls, it does lengthen but more than that, it grasps all my lashes, including the teeny tiny sorry excuses for hairs that normally just fall into my eye and drive me mad all day. 

Do you love my half bus selfie? Also please ignore my red upper lip, it's not a mustache promise! It's cold and my skin likes to do fun things like turn red and blotchy when it's freezing outside. 

Anyway enough of my bad selfie justifications, basically I'm converted. Once I knew how to use this stuff right, I loved it. I'm still to see how it wears in the day, but honestly the formula seems fab so I can't see it going anywhere south. 

It's fab, give it a try! 

Ps pick up your magazine fast if you want to try this product, or order it online, as being a world exclusive I can't see it lasting long

That's all for now xxxxx