Monday, 2 February 2015

My thoughts; Philosophy body wash


So bath stuff is kind of my new obsession since discovering Lush, but shower gel has always been more about something I can grab half asleep in the morning that will do the job. Having sensitive eczema prone skin, for years I was having to use prescription body wash and I can't touch soap, but last year I took the plunge and ordered a delicious sounding set from Philosophy in the sale. 

It didn't disappoint. The set was a fancy tin, containing a small "Christmas cookie" shower gel,  a "frosting" lotion and a "sprinkles" lipgloss. I was hooked. I love anything that smells like baked goods and this stuff was perfect. The lipgloss just smelt so good I wanted to eat it from the tube ( I didn't) Better yet, it didn't make my skin have a show off! 

Since then I have repurchased large bottles as well as being gifted a small Christmas cookie! These are my favourites (in order!) 

 Yes my number one is the first one I tried, "Christmas cookie" it just smells so good! 

My second favourite is "Gingerbread cookie" I was gifted this and expected it to be strong gingerbread smelling (like The Body Shop scent) but I was plesently surprised. It's actually quite similar to "Christmas cookie" just with a spiceier, warmer scent. It's lovely

Last but not least, "Peppermint stick" smells like it suggests on the bottle, delicious candy canes. Notice how all off favourites are seasonal?!

I also have "Raspberry glazed" which I 
Am yet to open as you can see I have enough on the go!

Aside from the scent, what I love about these are how much lather you get. It really is ridiculous, and a little goes a very very long way 

I put the smallest bit in the sink, and voila! 

It's really more impressive on a loofa, I promise!

Now the price. This is where most people go "HOW MUCH?!" Yes, they are pricier then a lot of other shower gels at £14 a time, but in their defence they do last forever. Also they are often on offer, including right now with the bottles half price at Boots (£7) and the sets half price in most department stores. John Lewis had one including three smaller sized non seasonal shower gels for £7 which is fab if you are new to the brand and want to try it out. 

Anyone else love Philosophy shower things as much as me, or have any suggestions for me to try next once I am though my gallons of bath products? Let me know below. Xxx