Monday, 23 February 2015

Semi permanent make up - Eyebrow " tattoos"


So my mum had no eyebrows. Literally. She plucked them all away when she was younger and they never grew back. When I did her makeup recently for a night out, I struggled to shape them with pencil as the hairs that were there were wirey and all over the place ( sorry mum!). Something had to be done!

The local beautician where she gets her nails one had just started doing semi permenant makeup or "tattooed brows" if you like. This is a little FAQ for anyone who is considering the procedure.

1 - What are "eye brow tattoos"?

Semi permenant makeup done with a machine similar to that of a tattooist. Each "hair" is drawn on individually, creating the illusion of natural eye brows. 

2 -  Do they hurt?

Madre told me they did hurt but not terribly. On a scale of 1-10 she said only a 3/4. She said it felt like lots of little scratches, which to me sounds a bit like how actual tattoos feel. They also hurt a little later in the evening, same as regular tattoos do. Looking after them is also the similar to regular tattoos, don't get them wet right away and apply Vaseline for the first few days. 

3 - Do they look natural? 

I think so! 

I don't really have a before photo as you wouldn't be able to really see anyway. They were non existent. This is the best I could do! 

4- How long do they last?

Only around 18 months, hence the "semi permenant" The machine does not penetrate the "dermis" or the second layer of skin like a regular tattoo does, only the first layer of skin, which is why it doesn't last forever  ( our skin cells are constantly being shed and regenerating)  I don't know too much about the technical side, but this is how I see it 

5 - How much do they cost?

My mum paid £250 for hers, including her top up appointment in 2 weeks time. At this appointment she will also be given the option of going "bigger" but I don't think she will do as she likes the original shape too much. 

She doesn't have a scrap of makeup on in this photo! Isn't she beautiful! 

6 - Where can I get this done?

Much like eyelash extensions, there are different "types" of semi permenant makeup. The official name for this treatment is " Micro blading semi permenant" which sounds a bit terrifying but it's really not. My mum got this done at "Exquisite nails" in Chingford, by the lovely Fran. Frans Facebook page can be found here ;

That's enough of photos that my mum hates, you get the idea!

Any other questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below