Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My milk_shake brings all the boys to the yard...

*cough* Ahem.. I couldnt resist.. sorry not sorry.

Anyway, the milkshake that is drawing my attention is milk_shake hair products, specifically their conditioners. I learnt about the brand by stumbling randomly accoss You Tuber Hollie Wakeham, who is also a hair dresser. I believe it was her who described these products as the best kept secret in hair care, and I have to say I agree!

I love any products that smell sweet as a rule, and this is literally the nicest smelling brand in the world. As the name suggests, the products smell of vanilla strawberry milkshake and are just as delicious (not literally, don't eat them please). 

Milkshake Conditioning Whipped Cream 200ml

The first thing I tried was the "Leave in conditioning whipped cream" (£11.99) that comes straight out of a spray can with the consistency of (I bet you can guess) It makes my hair soft, aids towards detangling and the scent lingers in my hair. Safe to say I never looked back and this is now an essential in my hair care routine. 

I then decided I wanted to branch out, but didn't want to be disappointed if the scent was different across the line, so I bought a mini version of their hair mask to try (£3.99) Luckily it is the same, and provided a luxurious weekly treat for my hair (I say provided as Im out at the moment, the heart bleeds!)

Now for the regular conditioner. I am always super unsure about investing money into regular conditioner as it literally goes on my hair and down the drain, I rarely have the patience to leave it on for the three or so minutes required for it to actually do something. Also, I discovered a conditioner from the £1 shop which is amaze, so I tend to just stick with that one. However, one day, out of conditioning whipped cream, I decided to be rebellious and order the regular conditioner along side it (£12.99). It has the same smell that I keep banging on about, and has a thinner, runnier consistency to most conditioners that Im used to, but still I love it! It makes my hair legitimately soft, rather than the overly fake silky/ borderline greasy texture my hair can get when using some conditioners (normally ones with too much silicone in) It actually feels like its making a difference to my hair thats permanent, which in my opinion is a rare thing to find.

So the bottles say that milk_shake is only found in professional salons, but I buy mine from Fragrance Direct, who kindly let me steal the photos off their website for this post, as my photography skills are really lacking.

Find the products here

and heres a photo of my hair, so, you know, you know its half decent and Im worth taking any advice from

Thia post is not sponsered, and no one sends me anything so I definately paid for all this myself (unfortunately :D)

Thats all for today! On a personal note, there haven't been many posts of late as I have a tooth infection that spread to a throat infection and is generally being a pain.. pun intended. I promise when Im up and about and back at work I will get back to my regular schedule. Thanks!