Friday, 6 February 2015

Lush! Mini haul and review!

I have a problem. I am addicted to Lush. I go to their stores now far too often just to sniff like some sort of drug addict, and often come out with an item. Although I don't buy loads at a time, frequent visits mean more items. I went recently to take a look at some of the Valentine's Day releases and as usual, the member of staff was amazing. I told her about my sensitive skin, and was offered samples, as well as not being sold things that she didn't think would be suitable ( this sounds like common sense, but how many shops these days actually care?!)

Anyway this is what I came out with 

The unicorn horn! Photos do it no justice. It's so pretty! Multi coloured bubble bar, the main scent I pick up from it is lavender and it has lustre, not glitter. I've been loving this for pre bedtime baths, as it makes me feel super relaxed and tired. 
Plus, how pretty!! 


Along the valentines theme, I tried to sniff "Prince Charming" but there's so many smells in the shop I couldn't really defrenciate. I was offered a sample pot to take home, which in my opinion is quite generous, and I'm glad I was as it turns out I don't like it. No fault on Lushs part here, I just don't like Turkish delight and the scent reminds me of that. 

I was also offered a sample size of dream cream. I've used it once and a little went a long way, but I'm undecided yet. It seemed to make my skin feel a little sticky, but that might be to do with the body wash I used just before so I'm going to keep using it before I make up my mind. 

My last purchase on this trip was a massage bar, I believe this one is called "Therapy" ? I also bought a tin for it. I get very dry skin on my legs and arms in winter as I am a eczema sufferer so I've been loving this softly Shea scented solid moisturiser. I do get impatient with it tho and keep applying it before the oils melt and then I'm an oil slick! I need to learn to contain myself! 

That's all I got on my trip, but then my beautiful boyfriend went to his local Lush and picked me up "Twilight" to try. Really liked this one too. I tried to take photos but the camera wouldn't pick up how pretty it was, so I got annoyed and gave up. It's pink, with stars and the moon printed on it 3D ( if that makes sense) my bath first went pink, then pink and blue swirled, and then once it all mixed it went into a beautiful dark purple shade. It smelled nice but wasn't overpowering. It didn't stain my bath at all, and actually left behind some lustre which actually made the bath look super clean and shiny ! I really enjoyed this one as well and would definately repurchase

That's all.. For now! I'm running low on my "Angels on bare skin" cleanser so I'm sure I will be back there soon spending lots of money I dont really have! 

What are your favourite Lush products?