Wednesday, 11 February 2015

1 minute review - NKDBODY Citrus hair mask

Hi all! So without being a big headed person, I have good hair. Some of this is just luck (my mums is unmanageable so don't know where mine comes from) but apart from that I take VERY good care of it. Part of that is using a weekly hair mask, and as one of my favourite You-tubers Brittney Lee Saunders recently released her own hair/skincare range I had to give it a shot! 

I ordered only one thing which was the citrus hair mask. It was getting a lot of positive reviews and her hair is looking fierce as of late so that sealed the deal for me. I ordered from Australia, but shipping was very affordable and Brittney had a code for 15% off so the lot came to $19.41 or £10.47 which isn't bad at all really. Shipping took 9 days which again is pretty good. 

The packaging is unique and at first I found it a bit annoying but I got over that pretty fast. 

I tried to flip this and for some reason the app I use wasn't having none of it so please excuse me! 

As you might have guessed it's citrus scented. I'm not a huge fan of citrus smells but it's so light it's not offensive at all. It has the consistency of a thick conditioner and I left it on around 5 minutes in the shower before I got impatient and washed it off

When I got out the shower, I saw the cute little card it came with, and it told me to take a NKD selfie and I obliged 

The first thing I noticed after use is that I could get a COMB through my hair. Not a tangle teezer, or even a brush, but a COMB. Sold. Hair styled as usual and here's a pic ( it's so hard to take selfies of hair... Hairfies? NO. 

This was last night and now it's today and I can't stop touching my hair. It's embarrassing. 

It's SUPER soft and even the ends which are normally fried (my hair is closer to bum then bra strap length) are silky soft. It's also not greasy looking and it seems "bouncier" than usual if anything. 

So safe to say I would definately reccomend this product, will be repurchasing and might have to try the clay mask next time too ( obviously that's for your face, clay in your hair would be a disgusting nightmare)

Has anyone else tried anything from the NKDBODY line? If so, what are your thoughts?