Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hair update!

So I published a post all about my hair earlier today but now it looks radically different. Let me explain! 

I love crazy colours in my hair... I've had black ends, pink, purple, blue.. You name it. So when my wonderful hair dresser came to give me a trim she knew I would probably ask for something out there! 

I didn't disappoint and neither did she! 

It's pulling red on camera but it's actually pink/purple. Now what's fabulous is that it's not a temporary hair dye, it's actually a toner, meaning that it's deep conditioning my hair at the same time. I will no doubt miss it once it's washed out, but I do like to change colours up quite a lot so I'm sure between us we will think of something else for her next visit! 

Ps ignore the bathroom selfie. I'm just a average joe with no fancy lighting, so the bathroom is the easiest place. Plus, look how cute Lush The Comforter looks next to my new hair!