Monday, 12 January 2015

You beauty discovery advent calendar days 23 and 24!

Realised I forgot to post this! Bad beauty blogger! Haha 

Day 23: 

This might not excite some people but it does me! I'm really into baths ATM and my skin needs oil to survive winter

Finally day 24:

Christmas Eve! Unfortunately I have to say that this was a huge anticlimax... Christmas Eve I was expecting something fabulous, and the size of the slot made me guess it would be a bottle sample of a fancy perfume, or even better a lipstick! But no ..

This works sleep spray! A nice thing to have, but not a final product! Half way though the box I would have been pleased to get this but I would have prefered something more luxurious for the final day! 

So what are your thoughts on this? Would you be happy with the sleep spray for the final item, or would you prefer a makeup or skincare item?