Sunday, 14 December 2014

Heatless hairstyle number 1!

So I love my overnight heatless hairstyles A) because they stop damage caused by frequent heat tools and B) because I'm a lazy girl, it gets to about 9pm, my hair is damp and I cannot be bothered to dry and style it! 

Over the years I've come up with a few different methods, usually braids of different sizes and numbers, but this is the latest one I've been loving. Id read in magazines that if you put your hair in a bun overnight, you could wake up with beautiful waves. Well not me! My hair is too long and too thick, and is just soaking wet when I let it down after 7 hours sleep with a cold head. So here's my little adapted version

Step 1: start off with freshly washed hair. Apply oil and your favourite leave in conditioner ( personally I adore Milk_shakes whipped cream, it is the most delicious smelling thing in the whole world and I wish you all could smell it!) let this sink in before brushing to ensure that tangles are easily sorted without breaking the hair. 

Step 2; allow hair to dry to 80%-90% dry. I prefer to air dry as much as possible, hence the heatless hair style but if you are really short of time then grab a blow dryer and rough dry. 
Step 3 : Seperate hair into two sections very roughly(three if your hair is MEGA thick!). If you do it too neat, when it's dry you can be left with the parting set all the way down the back of your head and in my opinion this is hideous. 

Step four: TIGHTLY twist one side section of the hair, all together, away from the face and with it pulled up on your head. This allows you to sleep comfortably in the night and away from the face is just far more flattering. 

Step five; simply repeat. You should be twisting so tightly that the hair WANTS to go into a bun naturally. I also use POPband London hair ties as they don't snag or pull the hair as there's nothing worse when you're trying to sleep. Now you look a bit like Minnie Mouse (please
excuse all the makeup less selfies, I'm going to sleep after remember?)

Step six: sleep. Ahh. My favourite step. 

Step seven; wake up. Remove your hair band carefully trying not to disturb the hair too much. Unraveled it should look like this 
Repeat for both sides. 

Step 8; run your fingers through the hair gently to seperate. DO NOT BRUSH. Hairspray and voila! I tend to pin back the front as I'm growing out my fringe, so here's some selfie examples of how I wear it : 

This hair style can also last for second day hair, brush lightly, it should go big at first but then set back into how it dried 

Second day: 

So there you have it! My first hair blog! Let me know if you try this out, and how it works for you xxxx