Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Youbeautydiscovery day 12and onwards

This is gonna be short and sweet (mostly because I just wrote this whole post then pressed cancel instead of save and I'm pretty annoyed about it) 

Day 12 ; 
Always happy to recieve this product. I love it and have never actually had to buy one thanks to beauty boxes, which is lucky as the full size isn't cheap! It does amazing things to the skin though 

Day 13;

As I previously stated, nail products don't excite me. However my nails are pretty weak so it might come in handy. 

Day 14;
Little bottle, reasonably cheap brand. No wow here but who doesn't want more volume in their hair? It's worth a try

Day 15;

Fragranced water avalaible from marks and spencer. Meh. Passed on. 

Day 16;

That's more like it!! I didn't actually own a eye lash curler after chucking mine away last year so was nice to recieve a new one. It's an Eyeko Alexa Chung and the handles are a dark blue velvet, so it's pretty as well as effective. 

Day 17;

I looked online and this isn't actually full sized, however to me it's the same size as a regular gloss so I'm happy. The full size is quite pricy once again and comes in a pot which I find less hygienic anyway. I've been using it in the morning before I apply any lipstick as a sort of primer and as it's got a silicone feel it works well for that. 

Day 18;

I have to use medicated shampoo so passed this shampoo along right away. The other bottle is a lemon scented detangling leave in conditioner. It's pleasent enough to use but I won't repurchase. 

Day 19;

Another product I love without ever actually having to purchase thanks to magazine free gifts and beauty box samples. It's a cult favourite, what else can I say? 

Day 20;

The teeny size of this product told me it was high end and I was right. Only tried once so can't comment on whether it's worth it's hefty price tag. I'm sort of hoping it isn't! 

Day 21;

This is a full size body scrub which smells like a just peeled orange. Delicious. Looking forward to trying this

Day 22;

Another facial tanner. Passing along. 
Didn't even bother taking a photo of this one, sorry! 

And I will get back to you with the last few shortly!