Thursday, 11 December 2014

Urban Decay - Naked on the run pallet!

Good evening beauties! 

Here is my long time promised review of the new Urban Decay "Naked on the run"pallete! 

First, let's talk about the packaging. There's no denying that this palette is beautiful, my crappy iPhone pictures do it no justice what's so ever. It's like a smooth marble effect, and the writing stands out over it. I have no idea how it was done, it's just beautiful. Here's another picture to show the size
The colour shades are printed on the back which I like, and it also has a nice sized mirror so you really could use it "on the run"

The pallete contains six never before released eyeshadows, which are highly pigmented as Urban Decays always are. The last eyeshadow "50/50" is in a larger size and can also be used as a highlight.  They are beautiful shades, and are called ( in order) " Dive" "Fix" "Resist" "Dare" "Stun" and "50/50. As well as the eyeshadows, the palette contains a bronzer and blush (named simply bronzer and blush) a lipgloss in "Naked Dolly" a 24/7 glide on pencil in brown and a sample size "Perversion" mascara in black. Here's a photo overview 

Here's some swatches of the eyeshadows

Super up close, excuse the arm hairs!! They are all really pretty shades, however as you can see, the last three are quite similar which means you could end up with "muddy" rather than "smokey" if you aren't careful when blending..

The lipgloss is close to my heart due to its name, it's a very pretty peach shade and not at all sticky. I just don't really "do" gloss, and me wish it was a mini lipstick or something instead. The pencil is very smooth and a really good size, I have fallen in love with it for the lash line 

The bronzer and blush are WAY pigmented. Like WAY. When I first put them on I made a rookie mistake and just put them on my face before swatching and I looked like a clown! I'm honestly not sure if I'm ever going to be able to pull off the bronzer with my super pale skintone. Here's some swatches

Complete swatches 

"50/50" there barely showing up on my pale arm! 

Now to the downsizes. 

Firstly, my main issue with this palette is that half of it is a mirror, and the other half is separated into product, and then slot spaces for the removable products (lipgloss,mascara, eyeliner) What this then means, is that once you have finished up these items, you are left with a huge empty gap. I understand the whole point of on the run is to all be together, but I feel like Urban Decay could have thought this one through a whole lot better as personally I am not looking forward to having half a palette.

 Secondly, the eyeshadow shades are quite similar to each other, it would have been nice to chuck in a slightly darker shade to avoid them being "samey" which can then lead to the dreaded "muddy" eye. 

The palette should be a fabulous starter pack for beginners, however the shockingly bright blush and dark bronzer might be dangerous to give to someone who is just getting into makeup, unless they have a deeper skintone and can pull those shades off if they are a bit heavy handed.

In conclusion, my overall thoughts are.. I have no idea.. I think if I saw this in person before I purchased it, I would not have bought it, but now I have it, the packaging so beautiful that I'm finding it hard to give it away (stupid I know). In my opinion it wasn't a bad price at £37 (Urban Decay UK website) for what you get, but for me, I just love my Too Faced Chocolate bar palette too much! Sorry Urban Decay! 

Have any of you guys been lucky enough to get your paws on this? Please let me know your thoughts on it