Thursday, 11 December 2014

You beauty discovery advent calendar days 9,10&11

Hi guys!  

Doing this a few at a time now, it's just easier and makes a slightly longer, hopefully helpful blog post

So day 9 brought me this 

Teez mascara! I ADORE the packing of this brand and the only other thing I've tried from them is a makeup brush that I love. I'm slightly OCD with my lashes so will test this out on a day where I'm not doing anything in case I hate it 
Day 10 brought me a handy little pot of Burt's Bees Almond milk hand cream 

As you can see it's a generous sample and not much smaller than the full size 57g one that retails in boots for £9.99. It's smell isn't one I would choose as it's got a slight marzipan scent and I hate marzipan! But it has a beautiful creamy texture and my hands always hurt in the winter so I'm looking forward to having this in my bag for emergencies. 

Day 11 brought me something I was impressed with, but that I personally would NEVER use as I'm pale as the snow. For that reason it is being donated swiftly to my boyfriends sister, who will definitely enjoy it more than me!  The product is a facial tanner and it also comes with a face friendly size mitt, which I really liked. 
As I don't tan, I have no idea how this performs. I can tell you that the product retails at full price on the website for £17.50! 

I'll be back soon with the next few days offerings soon. I can honestly say I LOVE this calender and it has really made my mornings having it to look forward too. It's also definitely worth the money with all generous sample sizes so far. I would definitely recommend, it's like getting a little present every morning for month! 

Any of my followers have a beauty calender? If so who is it by? Are you enjoying it as much as me?