Monday, 8 December 2014

You beauty discovery advent days 5,6,7&8

Sorry I've been absent!! Super hectic few days
 So anyhoo, on the 5th day of Christmas Santa gave to me 
It's a nice sized product but another lotion?! I also used it as my hand and arm cream before bed and it smelt a bit too strong for me. Still I know others would be pleased to recieve this in their calender. 

Day 6 gave me this lite beauty 
Apologies for the super bad quality photo here! I was SO excited to recieve this!! It's a small sample but I believe the full size product is around £85 so I won't complain (I'm almost hoping that I don't love it for that price!) I'm always happy to recieve any form of facemask but one that's rumoured to be used by Victoria's Secret models?! Even better! 

The 7th day wasn't a surprise as the product was heavy and pushed the little advent widow open! But it's a small (but not ridiculously miniature!) candle from armotherapy associates 
It smells good and they also provided me with a £10 off my next purchase voucher which I thought was rather generous 

Finally today, day 8 I recieved a deluxe sample of the Philips Kingsley elasticizer 
I know this is for many a holy grail hair product, but I tried it before and it turned my hair into a knotted mess! So going to donate this to a friend or family member, as just because something doesn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for them.  
That's all for now! Hope you are app enjoying the Christmas period. I have also learn today that Too Faced are launching a new chocolate bar pallet, called Chocolate bar Semi Sweet. I am BEYOND excited for this so once I have my paws on it will be with you for a review! 

Bye lovlies xxx